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USAF standing pilot by Reedoak, 90s early 2000s era


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19 minutes ago, MARU5137 said:


Another most  EXQUISITE  and detailed pilot figure Sir.





So Norbert,  Now that there has been such a big hullabaloo  about the new 1:24 Scale Spitfire, will you be creating pilot figures for the Spitfire.   Pilots  is different poses  i. e.

sitting in to the cockpit  ,getting out, putting on their gear, standing about, climbing in or out of the cockpit . etc.  

:thumbsup:   :whistle:  :wicked:


Thank You.


Should be technicaly possible, I have a friend 2 and a half hours drive from here with all needed gears, However, need first to put my hands on the model to know where to put hands and foots exactly, and explain it to my wife...


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That’s funny Pete, as I thought when I first looked at the figure it looks like you from all the pictures you have posted over the years of yourself and the Viper!


Who knows maybe Norbert unconsciously made him in your image. :shrug:  Either way it looks great Norbert!

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On 12/12/2022 at 9:08 PM, Pete Fleischmann said:

he does kinda look like me-

just sayin 

Well Pete, just send your head ...


sadly the picture seems somewhat distorted, please clic on it to have it right



Edited by norbert
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