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airscale upgrade for 1/24 Airfix Spitfire Mk. IX


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Hey everyone :)


I have been getting a lot of requests for updates on when we will release a set for the new Airfix Spitfire IX


Well, the test shot PE arrived today so I did a test fit I thought I would share...


The decals are in production, so sadly I don't have those to show yet, but now I know the PE is all good i can place the production order for them. I am being told the PE will be late December / early January but will see if I can get them to run a very small batch before Christmas


it's a sad fact Airfix wouldn't supply anyone with test sprues so we are all scrabbling round trying to design & produce from the kits we received when you did


..anyways on with the preview..


..here is the fret..




first up the seat gets some improved mounting brackets..





..the seat bulkhead has an improved finish and is detailed for those not using Armour Plate..




..and with Armour Plate and the correct seatbelt roller (tube not included..)




..rudder pedal treads..




..corrected and upgraded undercarriage selector..




..compass frame and missing fuel select lever..




..and what it really needs - a new IP and Blind Flying panel..




..how it looks in place..








..there are a number of other bits & bobs too..





will update again when I have decals - I need to pull all this apart to install them :)


It's a fabulous kit and has been a pleasure to put something together to help if folks feel it needs it


Pre-order available here




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My Spitfire IX arrived yesterday (well, the first one did...sshhhh!), And my pre order to Peter is in, too!

But surprised Airfix omitted the fuel control panel by the compass! The other areas I noticed that could benefit from more detail would be the voltage controller as it is so visible(the Buchon lower fuselage set comes with a really nice one), the altitude control unit for the supercharger that sits on the same frame is missing ( (not too surprising, if Airfix studied a restoration; as far as I know none of the airworthy Mk IXs have that fitted/functioning but a wartime aircraft definitely needs it) also the bracket for the flying control cable parts (nice one Airfix!) But the rest of the assembly is missing and could (just) be seen through the rear perspex cockpit panel), the strange treatment of the dzus fasteners on the cowling panels (they just don't look like that!), some treaded tyre options would be good ( I understand Espen at Buchon models - who actually flies a Spitfire btw!-is working on three spoked wheels which covers the only wheel option Airfix missed) and already does the panel for the wheel well wing bulge for later aircraft set up for hard rather than grass airfields ( I hope he might sell these separately from the e wing conversion set he sells).I

As beefy as the plastic parts of the undercarriage legs are, I'm definitely using Buchons excellent brass leg set as I found the legs on a 1\24 P 51c conversion became very brittle and eventually collapsed (although they did take 6 years!) leaving me with a major repair to do. So I'd really like to see a brass, posable rear leg since parked Spitfires often have the rear wheel turned, especially since the kit leg mounting point is buried in the fuselage making repairs tricky. Maybe I missed it (only had time to, er 'check' the kit was ok as it's a Christmas prezzie!!) But is the radiator flap control lever included? I don't recall seeing it. 

Apologies for my ramblings, just rather excited to see such an excellent model... Well Done Airfix. Roll on Christmas! Can't wait to see how many parts might be used to doll up the Mk 1a and Vb, not to mention how much easier a Vc conversion will be now, then Espen will release his lowback set making a Griffon engined later aircraft a definite possibility (although still a big job!) And it will be very interesting to see what the aftermarket can add. 

A 1\24 Mk IX Spitfire. Still can't quite believe it's here. And so good too!


Blue Skies!

Captain Boogaloo


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all,


Quick update on progress...


..the decals have arrived so did a test for the instructions to be developed...
























no kit decals are illustrated, but some are still used - happy with how the set is shaping up :)


..the only problem is the etch folks at PPD are breaking for Xmas and my production order will be mid January for a limited number and end of January for the rest, so I do encourage pre-orders if you have the kit and are waiting on the set.


I will turn off pre-orders if we hit the total in the first batch and none will go to retailers until the full production order has been met


..this is all a frustrating by-product of not getting access to the kit prior to release :angry2:


anyways, thats it for now




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Pre-order placed, shame there is no PE seat though, as I prefer the scale thickness of PE, looks more in-scale as opposed to the plastic seats!


This is no criticism against the manufacturers, as I realise that this is due to the manufacturing process and is just a personal preference!

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