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Fiat G-50 Part Trois *Now with Added Hypno-Toad!*


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14 hours ago, RadBaron said:

This week has been a busy one, so not much bench time. A weekend visiting friends in Texas included some time spent aviating, backseating in this 1929 Curtiss Robin.



14 hours ago, RadBaron said:

That looks fantastic! Exactly what I'm trying to achieve, and i think yours probably looks more in scale than mine.


Thanks Denzil , Kmart special  :)



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  • 11 months later...

This one has moved back to the bench almost 2 years to the day since beginning!




So here's where we kick off.

The cockpit can't be fitted after the fuselage half are closed (which is my normal preference), so everything (except the seat harness, is being installed 





Let's see if I can get this across the line this time!


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Thanks guys :D


Fuselage and wings are now closed up. Other than usual seam filling, the wing leading edge ducts wanted tidying. 



The kit has a little resin plug that's designed to be fitted behind the opening, which has vertical slats molded in place. I wasnt a fan of this method, so I left them out. 


The openings were opened further, and plastic tube glued in place. 




The tube was then drilled to size





For the vertical vanes, plasticard was heated over a lighter and stretched thin.





Holes cut and vanes glued in place. 





Theres a whole lot of glue and styrene setting up there, so its been left aside for a few days to thoroughly dry.


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On 1/29/2022 at 3:01 AM, MARU5137 said:

How is  it going ?


She's plodding along, thanks for asking :D


A new phone means I've got to fire up my Flickr account again, so no pics yet, but the wing is attached, most seams have been taken care of, and now it's having a general airframe tidy up before being hit with some primer! 


Pics coming from soon :D

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  • 7 months later...

Well, here it is, back again for the third time. In between wresting the Infinity Helldiver, little bits of work have been done to get this thing across the line. 


Previous attempts can be found here


Can't rush these things...



Anyway, the G50 is too cool looking a plane to let go to waste, and besides, THIS paint scheme is screaming to be replicated!




Where I last left, the fuselage was together and work has begun on straightening the elevator hinge lines. Here's a quick summary:




Easy fix, right?  File down the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizers to pivot them forwards, to make a straight trailing edge. 







This made a large gap between the elevators and the fairings. 

Nothing a bit of shimming and sanding can't fix



In this pic you can also see the soft corners of the fairings where they meet the elevators. I made a razor saw cut down the middle of the fairings, superglued in some parts from a photo etched fret and filed them to a fine point. 

Also installed were representations of the control surface hinges.




This was all sanded and trimmed to size and primed, and now the tail end is done. 




Test fitting parts





Primer coats to see where surface details need re scribing.





And that brings us to now. Some more surface detail work is needed, but she IS getting close to paint :D








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  • RadBaron changed the title to Fiat G-50 Part Trois *Now with Added Hypno-Toad!*

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