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Just a few pics of the USAF museum, we took a "truckload".........

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Just now, Citadelgrad said:

I haven't been back since before they put the XB 70 inside...


Love that place.  Thanks for sharing.  


Well wasn't there since ages, hadn't seen all the buildings at that time, but fortunately they've been able to store the exhibits that where outside, inside the "hangar" space, but i figure a lot of more hangar spaces will have to built in future to house more and maybe all of the historical aircraft that haven't been on display yet.

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8 hours ago, John1 said:

That’s really cool, still hoping we’ll get a decent 48th scale kit of a B-47.   Just a beautiful jet…


That, and a 1/32 Deuce (and Six). 



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Those "aurora" lights are amazing to see as you traversed across the Big Pond!

:wow:  :wub:

STUNNING  Photographs  and so resplendently kept. 

They look in mint condition.

:yahoo:  :wub:

Thank you for sharing your trip's photos  which are smart and sharp!

Look forward to seeing more..

And I think  I Need To go there too!!

Thanks Jack. 


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