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3D Chutes 1/32 Phantom undercarriage, Navy and Air Force

Anthony in NZ

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Well a quick review of the new 3D Chutes Phantom Undercarriage sets.


My Navy ones just arrived to use on my RAF FG.1 conversion (yes the NLG will need to be modified) but first impressions are really very nice.  Printed in some sort of resin and initial thoughts are it will be strong enough to hold the model.  But I will do a bit of testing etc


In the meantime here are a few pics

Some mine some 3D Chutes ones









Unusual printed? rubber, mines a little sticky


I might use aftermarket resin wheels still




But these are beautiful





Hope this is of interest...


I will report back a bit more later on


Cheers Anthony

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Well a quick report. The resin seems very strong but in trying to test tensile strength on a piece of the print base it eventually snapped in half after a fair bit of pressure and sliced 3 of my fingers open! Now I can’t do anything. 

Belynda seems to think I might need stitches but I’ll re evaluate in the morning.


So strong yes, but I still want to put some under load to see how it performs over a period of time to weight to see if it wants to bend.


Lol now I can’t do any modelling at all

Sheesh the things I do for you guys lol

Cheers Anthony
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On 11/25/2022 at 7:03 AM, cmayer said:

So you're saying it can be used as an emergency/improvised weapon, then. Check!


But seriously, I truly hope you didn't do any nerve damage and that you mend quickly...you are on a serious roll with your Brit Phantom! Get well quickly!


Lol sure can! No it doesn’t seem to have done that. Throbbing a lot and has slowed my modelling down unfortunately!

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So just hold off on the Phantom legs as I’ve just realised they are for thin wings. 
3D Chutes weren’t aware of differences and I am communicating with them now to help. If anyone has a decent photo or drawing of the MLG leg without door attached then please let me know. The more I can supply the better a result we will get 

cheers Anthony 

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