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Motocross rider flies an F-16

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Damn, what an awesome opportunity! What always gets me with these interesting videos, is how amazing America really is - and the people who populate these interesting and unique occupations. I may not be an American, but I sure wish I was - we have so much to be thankful for to America and these great people. 



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This made me smile. I raced motocross as a kid all the way through college. Started out on the “minis” (80cc bikes)..raced those until I hit my knees on the bars. Then 125’s and 250’s. I also had a subscription to Motocross Action magazine- cool to see that they are still around.

Motocross bikes to me are 2 strokes, but the “new” 4-bangers seem pretty awesome.

Motocross bikes and Vipers in the same video? What’s not to love?




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