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Soldering PE, Brass coaching needed

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Hey guys.


I'm going to attempt soldering Master FuG220 Brass Antenna.
Looking for solder Recommendations/Coaching.  Solder Paste?  Really thin solder wire?
I have Dual Soldering Gun and Soldering Iron from my Archer Kit days. Both are 80's "vintage". Is it time for and upgrade?
Thanks - Rick
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  • LSP_K2 changed the title to Soldering PE, Brass coaching needed
3 hours ago, ChuckD said:

Seems straight forward enough.  How do you not loosen up other nearby completed solder joints while working on the next join?

I use a heat sink on previously soldered areas. A wet piece of kitchen towel should work. Wrapp around the previously soldered area.

I bought a Weller Soldering Station, setting the temperature at around 300 degrees Celsius, depending on the task to solder. I also use soldering flux and fine or medium size solder.

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