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Revell Me 262A + 1ManArmy Stencils

D.B. Andrus

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Set 32DET004 in action:


  • Entirely made without decals ( so no more glossing needed )
  • Natural and authentic look
  • Weatherable
  • Innovating masking concept


Another exceptional build and photography by one of Belgium's finest scale modelers, Dirk Devijver. 






























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Paintwork looks beautiful


i didn't follow the build so sorry if this was already covered but it looks like there were some issues around the nose area?


262s are tricky because of the putty regime used / not used....what you should be seeing vs what you choose to depict etc etc, but I really really like the look of this.


The only paint work / finish i'm not convinced of is that NMF underside, and the depiction (I think) of the wiggly / non-uniform putty along panel lines, when you can still see the panel lines through it (I have no idea exactly how I'd tackle that btw, so it's not a criticism, but rather a recognition of how tricky it is to get to look right).


Good to see decals and stencils not being an issue; between OneManArmy masks and HGW wet transfers our lives are being made so much better!


Thanks for sharing a great looking 262 - I hope mine will look as good when I finally get round to making one.






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2 hours ago, John Stambaugh said:

Damian, that's not fair! How am I supposed to talk myself out of purchasing these fantastic stencil mask with you parading these amazing results on LSP?

 Okay you win. Order on the way.


Shipping tomorrow, John!




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