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1/32 Academy F-16D Polish Viper

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Hello everyone,


Here are some pictures of my F-16D taken from my book "Hangar No 1" co-created with the the excellent modeler Jarek Rydzu Rydzyński.


Academy model with several additions including:

- Cockpit: Wolfpack WP32030

- Canopy: Eduard 32692

- Wheel Bays: Aires 2129

- Exaust Nozzle: KASL Hobby K32002

- Decals: Techmod 32057


Happy modeling my friends,


















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Superb! And now the subject of this week's banner on our Facebook page:




However, I would advise that you reduce the size of your images for displaying on web pages, as they're HUGE! 12-33MB each is waaaaay too large. Reduce them to around 1024px wide (though 2048 is manageable), and then convert them to JPEGs.



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16 hours ago, Zola25 said:

Brilliant build - and brilliant book.. When will we see Hangar No.2?




Hello Zola, thank you very much for your kind words. Hangar No 2 is in preparation. It should appear somewhere in 2023…

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