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Eh guys i'm back !


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Hello guys !


I was off for a while ! Due to various life events, and especially because i moved to an old house where there is a lot of work (and it's not finished !) i was not able to sit down for several years. Actually i have not touch a model since 2019 !


But last week i cracked and made an order to my (former) usual shop and bought 7 model kits ! I cleaned some space and started to reorganize my hobby room.

I am now working on a trumpeter P-40M (almost OOB, just some Eduard PE for the cockpit), just to warm up and recover from more than a 3 years stop !



I am very sad however to see that in those last 3 years many great names of the model kit world have closed down for various reasons....  Kittyhawk, Wingnut Wings, Grey Matter Resin, Paul Fisher.... What a loss !



I am happy to start again that nice hobby and to see you again guys, and i will try to post something from time to time !

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Hello Zero77....


Yes in the three years since you last was here, things in the world have altered as well as in the modelling world.

Sad but life is like that.


Good to have you back .

And you deserve to treat yourself to a kit or two after your journey in building/refurbishment of your  new house which was OLD ...

Hope you can relax enough to start your build and look forward to a WIP P-40M.

All the best.


:beer4:  :beer:



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