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Trumpeter 1/32 P-47D Razorback "Eileen"


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Thank you Jay and Ernest!


Painting of the markings continue... the white stripes on the tail are masked and sprayed.




After the white stripes dried, I applied the masks for the aircraft codes and numbers.




Now that the major markings have been completed, we put the model in the light box to capture progress of the build to this point. There are some differences in sheen as some parts have been given a gloss coat (i.e. flaps, fuselage stars and bars).










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Thanks guys!  Appreciate the comments!


23 hours ago, JayW said:

What a beauty!  I look forward to your weathering (weathering-lite, right?).  I know you will make that just as convincing as what you have done so far.  

Thanks Jay... I still haven't thought too much about the weathering but it won't be too heavy.  Anyone got a good reference pics of the underside of an operational Jug?



21 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Really looking the business now, John!



Thank you Kevin!  I still need to blend in the paint between the forward and rear fuselage but the markings help to mask any obvious indications of the previous paint repair.



5 hours ago, clioguy said:

Beautiful! Did you cut your own masks or are you using AM masks?

Thank you!  The masks were cut on my Silhouette Portrait cutter using AutoCAD and scans of the Barracuda decal sheet.


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4 hours ago, Thunnus said:

Anyone got a good reference pics of the underside of an operational Jug?

Hey John, here's a few from a 78th FG Jug (coincidentally), although I reckon this dirty birdie is particularly filthy and in dire need of some TLC from her crew chief. I'd say you could go for something half as grubby as this and it would still look realistic.


Some other views of the same Jug.




I also found this other shot of Lt. Oiler's Razorback, it seemed to be a pretty clean and well-maintained machine, so toning down the weathering might be a good idea after all.



Hope that helps!



- Thomaz


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