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Back in business!


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Zactomodels is now open again and it's good to be back!


During our move last year I injured my right shoulder. After months of living with it, I finally had it checked. I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff, but it turned out to be really bad bursitis with bone spurs.

The MRI was excruciating because I had to hold my neck cranked to the side. A week later my neck was aching, my left arm began falling asleep and my left thumb tip was completely numb. I went almost 2 months like that before I found a chiropractor that was able to help.

I was almost healed but kept re-injuring myself doing small tasks. Spending almost two weeks in bed with COVID was just what my body needed to recover. Another couple of weeks to take care of things and now I'm ready to go!


My apologies to those who have had emails go unanswered. I've done my best to reply to anything related to orders that were placed, but skipped almost everything else...


No new products for a while. While the casting area is temporarily set up (still in the dining room and not the garage), my office/modeling room is in-progress.


The new home is quite a drive from the Post Office, so orders will be shipping on Mondays and Fridays only.


UK is still blocked from purchasing due to VAT regulations. Does anybody know of any small business that has successfully signed up for VAT or found a way around this?
EU can order but you'll have to pay your own VAT when your package arrives.
Australia and New Zealand are both back after COVID restrictions.
Russia and Ukraine are blocked from ordering due to the war.


AIM-9X Sidewinder is in limbo until I can get more MV Lenses (or find a replacement).


F-16 MCID (large mouth) intake will not be available until after the garage/shop is up and running and I re-engineer the mold.


I will be doing a short run re-release of the Revell MiG-29 correction and combo sets in the near future. I'll be casting sets until the current molds wear out and then it's gone. Contact me if you are interested in reserving one.


Su-27 and A-7 canopies are not available, but I do plan to re-release them early next year after moving my shop to my garage, even if the parts aren't "Perfect" (I've realized I was too much of a perfectionist when rejecting minor flaws).





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Welcome back, Chris! As someone who's battled every known shoulder ailment in both shoulders over the last 5 years, I can sympathise! Glad to hear you're on the mend, though it's a shame it took COVID to do it. Good luck with everything from here on out.



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