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1/32 Aviattic Pfalz DVIII


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Just to be clear - the "pre-order" is to register your interest only, as clearly explained on the Aviattic website page.

I now have a mailing list of just 300 interested parties, who are kept up to date with the trials and tribulations of getting this kit to the pre-order stage, when those on the list will be invited to place their orders before the kits general release.

These are very difficult times to be attempting anything like this project and it will be years before I see any kind of financial return - and only if it sells over a thousand units, which is a long way off yet. 

So, if anyone thinks such a multi-media, highly detailed WW1 aircraft kit is over-priced, I suggest you try it yourself!  Full injection-moulded WW1 kits are just not an option - even with millionaire backers, there simply is not the market, sadly. Multi-media kits allow a level of finesse in the detailing which should be welcomed not feared.

I sold just 320 of the Aviattic Ansaldo Balilla's. A kit many consider the finest WW1 aircraft kit yet produced. Their disappointing sales meant that going to a costly second run was just not financially viable. They currently change hands on EBay for hundreds of pounds, yet it took me three years to achieve that sales figure..


If you want to support such endeavours with no prior financial commitment - I just need to have a rough idea of the potential customer numbers - then please sign up for the newsletter. This kit will not be produced unless I can guarantee around 600 sales. Not "interested parties"..sales.

So that is my priority at the moment. Honing the various elements for fit and accuracy and deciding on production methods for each part.

I will not know the final production price and hoped-for delivery date until I am satisfied that the Pfalz will be the finest kit that I can produce. 


We are living in very difficult times, costs are escalating weekly, there are few casting and printing companies left wishing to deal with such small numbers. Most are too busy casting goblins or busty princesses for Kickstarters.


Best wishes, Richard

(director and head tea-maker, Aviattic Ltd)


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@bstachel Thanks Richard,


The numbers and timelines make for sobering reading when we see the clear outline of what this means for Aviattic as a business. It puts our debates here on LSP in context.  I am sorry that the Ansaldo did not sell as well as you had hoped. I hope for you and for Aviattic that the Pfalz DVIII proves to be a more popular choice. I have a feeling it will be.


Kind regards,


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