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Trumpeter 1/32 F-105G Wild Weasel - Cockpit (90% there)

Brett M

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  • Brett M changed the title to Trumpeter 1/32 F-105G Wild Weasel - Bulkhead and PE

Thanks everyone! As usual, moving at the speed of slow. A week in Disneyland, plus end of year, get everything done at work that we can. 


I added a hood for one of the instruments on the rear IP, as well as added the hood for the radar scope. Moving on to the front bulk head, I've been adding the Eduard PE, as well as some "wiring" and "piping", not really sure what it is in the images. Helps to make it look a little busier than a barren plastic wall. Rudder pedals were added to the tub, as well as flooring. I have clear plastic sheet to fill the holes in the bulkhead, once everything is painted. Unless someone says there wasn't glass there....but pictures imply that.  The Aires bang seat looks like it should look pretty nice once it's put together and painted up. The canopy lift at the back of the seat pushes the seat forward a little further than the kit parts, but I'm hoping I can modify it and move the seat back a few millimeters. 


Rear IP hood made from extra PE



Painted up



Bulkhead and extras



Rudder pedals




Ejection seat fitting





Thanks for browsing!

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  • Brett M changed the title to Trumpeter 1/32 F-105G Wild Weasel - Cockpit (90% there)

As usual, slow to update, but I haven't stopped working on this jet. 


I made some mistakes and had to order a second set of Quinta decals for the cockpit, so slight delay there. But, as of today it's mostly there. I still need to complete the sidewalls, and have the fuselage already prepped and ready. Needed to wait on installing the decals on the side panels till the cockpit was complete, so I can ensure I have them in the correct place. 


I also replaced the rear cockpit bulkhead with the Aires part, as it was much more detailed. Also added some cockpit lights, with "wire" I wound with 0.015 lead around a copper wire. Probably never to be seen, but something to learn. 


Also, picked up an Optivisor......and I don't know how I did this without before. What a life saver. No more tired/twitchy eyes and I can see SO much better. Recommend!














I've somehow lost the right rudder pedal in the rear pit and have yet to locate it. Worst case, I have the Aires PE part, which will "work", but won't match the Eduard pedal. Good enough I suppose. I will also be toning down the scuff marks on the rear floor, too much yellow.




As usual, comments welcome. Hopefully not a two month break between the next update. 



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