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Filling a seam after you've painted... possible?

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I've got this seam on both wings of the ZM 109.  Right around the wheel well blister.



It looked better before it was painted.  Is there a way to fill it and paint over it again without sanding and stripping the wing?

Or should I just leave it?




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7 hours ago, Stokey Pete said:

Could you colour a filling medium with the paint you used? I’m just spitballing ideas. I’m not sure what brand of paint used, and if they’d be compatible. 


The Paints I used were SMS acrylics.  They don't really blend with anything.

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Second the Milliput solution.


Epoxy based products offer advantages like ample working time and virtually zero shrinkage. They’re also chemically inactive against most paints - that is, they shouldn’t dissolve or otherwise harm the underlying finish.


Besides in its putty form, I’ve had success in situations like this using basic two part epoxy resin (I prefer the 20 minute formula), diluted with denatured alcohol, and “painted” into corners like those of your cannon blisters. Epoxy resin has plenty of surface tension which helps to create a stable, even fillet around the parts. And any excess resin can be wiped away with a cotton bud lightly dampened with denatured alcohol - exercise caution as too much alcohol could damage the underlying paint finish. 

Once the epoxy cures - I give even the “20 minute” variety a full 24 hours - you can re-paint the area with colors and clear coats as appropriate.

Hope this helps,




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On 11/9/2022 at 11:28 AM, chukw said:

I had some PPP, and in my opinion it's simply overpriced spackle.


You can try Vallejo acrylic putty. I absolutely swear by the stuff, though since it's already painted, epoxy putty or white glue would really be better.

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On 11/2/2022 at 8:14 AM, tucohoward said:

For things like that I just use white glue smoothed over with a wet brush.



That's my preferred approach.   Typically works very well for tight seams like the above. 

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