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Messerschmitt Bf109E 5./JG26 (Airfix 1/24)


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Hello all... this is my first model share on this site so please go easy. Unfortunately I don't have the photography (or build) skills as others on here, but I've thoroughly enjoyed building it and am pleased with how it has turned out. The kit is the old Airfix 1/24 scale Bf109 onto which I have used some after market parts, namely:


Barracuda Resin Wheels

- Yahu Instrument Panel

- Scale Aircraft Conversions Metal Undercarriage Legs

- RB Productions Seat Harness

- Custom Decals (to my own design)


Modification wise, I did a lot with the wheel wells (totally absent in the original kit), I also cut out the flaps so that I could pose them down and I cut out and replaced the moulded in exhausts.


Anyway, enough rambling, here it is:

































Thanks for looking.


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Thank you all for your extremely kind comments. They are very much appreciated.


18 hours ago, James Rademaker said:

Excellent model my friend, you hit it out of the park. Could you please let us know exactly the color scheme you used? What were the RML colors? I really like the camouflage scheme you selected.



Hi James - and thank you. The camo colours are RLM02 and RLM71. For RLM02 I used a 50:50 mix of Tamiya XF22 and XF49. For RLM71 a 50:50 mix of Tamiya XF49 and XF62. The Luftwaffe light blue was roughly a 40:60 mix of XF2 and XF23. I can't remember exactly where I got these mixes from I'm afraid - but they are laid over heavy pre-shading.


For sealing it all in I used a 40:60 mix of Tamiya X22 and Mr Hobby Self Levelling Thinner - which I found to be more satin than gloss. It was purely accidental - but exactly what I was after so I didn't apply any further coats over the decals.

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I have been thinking about FINALLY giving a crack at this old kit lately, and then your build comes along!


It looks fabulous!  What impresses me is that you seem to have very clean shut lines around the engine cowling, yet still have all the engine detail included in there, so you can display the plane either way, with engine exposed or not exposed.


From what I have read over the years, that isn't easy to do!  The cowling bits don't like to line up and there are fit issues all over the place at the front of the plane.  Some photos of finished kits on the internet show huge gaps and misaligned surfaces at the nose.


Yours look perfect!  Gives me confidence to try my luck! 


Thanks for showing us your work.



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