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A New Poll about 1ManArmy preferences.

1ManArmy stencil set preferences  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Which 1Man Army sets might you be inclined to purchase?

    • Fw 190A @ $33.00
    • Fw 190D @ $33.00
    • Me 262 @ $33.00
    • Tempest @ $35.00
    • Hurricane Mk II @ $33.00
    • Spitfire Mk I/II @ $35.00
    • F6F-3 @ 33.00
    • SBD Dauntless @ 33.00
    • TBM Avenger @ $35.00
    • He-219 @ $35.00
    • Me 163 @ $33.00
    • F4U-1A Corsair @ 35.00
    • Bf 109G-6 early @ 33.00
    • P-38 @ $35.00
    • Gladiator Mk I @ $33.00
    • Bf 109E-4 @ $35.00
    • F4F-4 Wildcat @ $35.00
    • Hs 129 @ $33.00
    • B-26B Invader @ $35.00
    • B-25J Mitchell @ $37.00
    • P-39Q Airacobra @ $35.00
    • Ar 234 @ $33.00
    • Ju 87G @ 35.00
    • Mosquito FB Mk VI @ $37.00
    • Do 335 @ $33.00
    • Ho 229 @ $35.00
    • German Aircraft Dashed Line Set @ $19.00

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Yes, S.O.W. is going to carry the 1ManArmy line stencil of products. We will be selling at MSRP, which is still less than other sources in the US, as well as offering low cost shipping.  LSPer's are the first to know what's going on with Synthetic Ordnance Works, even before posting the info on our website!


This poll will help us to determine what subjects to purchase for our initial stock of products. We want 1ManArmy products to succeed as they are a perfect complement to our landing gear sets. Turn that okay model build into a real show stopper. A plus is that the stencils can be used more than once. Screw up the application, clean up and do it again until you're satisfied. They're painted on just like on the real deal - perfect for NMF finishes, too.


We hope you can support S.O.W. in this new endeavor.




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Thanks everyone for participating in the poll. It's given us at S.O.W. some guidance on our first order from 1ManArmy stencils. Out of necessity we are starting out with a small order, but large enough to cover what subjects you might consider purchasing. We're realistic enough to know that the eyes may be bigger than the stomachs and that's okay. You've given us an idea of what we need to purchase the initial stock of stencil sets and that would be popular with modelers overall.


It will take some time to get the logistics worked out, of course, but LSP will the first to know when we start posting on the S.O.W. site.


Thanks Again,



Considering how many times this post has been edited you may be able to tell proof-reading is not my forte.

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