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1/32 Dandiego A-5 Vigilante 3D print

Jim Barry

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1 hour ago, Oldbaldguy said:

Just got my kits from Dan but haven’t started anything yet.  Is yours going to be a gear-up build?  If not, how do you plan to get the main gear wells in place and well glued?


OBG< I should not have started at 11:00 PM (ha!), but it turns out you can fit the gear bay parts in after you put the fuselage parts together here. 


Just a note on my build. This kit below was my first plastic model kit. Probably 1974 (age 9). I recall getting glue all over the canopy. Loved the box art. Still do!. Not a cheap kit on Ebay now but it's tempting to add to the stash. 




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Maybe a photo of the actual IP as the model’s IP? Maybe print two and layer them? 

Built a lot of the fuselage today. I find Gorilla Super Glue Gel is bonding pieces very well. Sanding begins as well. 

Really enjoying Dan’s kit. I pretty much never build planes in 1/32. It’s nice. May pull in a vintage Revell F-4 to sit on the deck with it. 

I cut the kit exhaust nozzles off and will likely model and print them in 3D. 

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Nice start to such a cool kit and subject ...

I still believe the A-5 Series was a heavy influence on late 3rd and 4th Gen tactical aircraft design ...

On 10/19/2022 at 12:37 PM, Alex said:

Cool beans!  Just saw one of these (Recon model) in the flesh sitting on the flight deck of the Midway, last week in San Diego.



A close friend of mine was a part of CV-64 Connie's crew back in the late 80s, when visiting him at  NAS North Island we seen That very RA-5 about to go into the paint shop, I asked about it and my friend said he heard it was being cleaned up for a museum ...



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Sent Shapeways 2 copies of this I drafted today. Should be good. Possibly over accentuated details but we'll have to see when the print comes back in a few weeks. Can sand away too much detail. Like Dan, I found the engine to be an "area for improvement".  Learning more about the plane, I'm coming to love it even more. 







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