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OrangeCon 2022


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Yesterday afternoon, IPMS Orange County hosted OrangeCon at a new venue this year, a DoubleTree Hotel in Buena Park, CA.  Nice venue, very close to everything you need.  Lighting was a little strange, coming solely from the chandeliers. Caused the white balance to get weird on a few photos.  Tons of great models on the tables in all scales. Mine didn't do well, but that's the nature of the game sometimes.

























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Here is the funny part.


I don't think so. I was talking to others during the awards presentation, the sound system was a little weak, and I wasn't expecting to win so I wasn't paying attention. 


Pretty sure I didn't, competition was very good. But I definitely had a great time.



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This one seems to have made the contest rounds all around the area.  This is a photo I took of it at the IPMS Nationals in 2021...I don't think it won anything there; did it here?  If it didn't place in this contest, I think the builder, who seems to have done a very good job with it, needs to move on and create something else and put this one in the case and leave it there.




Here it is again at last years OrangeCon:




Normally I wouldn't know one contest entrant from another year to year but this one stands out.

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