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AIMS 1/32 Rotol Spinner and props

Pastor John

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Hi everyone,

Being printed tomorrow is my 1/32 Rotol spinner for the Revell Mk II Spitfire kit which does not have one in the kit. It will also be perfect for the Pacific Coasts Hurricane.  I am also having the spinner printed in 1/48 for the Airfix Mk I Hurricane kit if I might throw that in there. Thanks



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AIMS 32P041 Rotol spinner and sheathed composite props for Revell Mk II Spitfire and Pacific Coasts Hawker Hurricane. Hi everyone just cleaning up the 3D print of my new Rotol set which arrived today in the post from Robert of Rescue Models. Thanks Robert. Available soon also in 1/48 for Airfix Mk I Hurricane, best wishes, John


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Hi Kev, it is not available yet but as soon as it is I will write. People can get from me direct if they do not want to wait for Hannants to have in stock. Once it is available I will give a EU total and a non EU total to limit my need to type and folk can Paypal the funds as directed. Obviously email if you want other stuff - aimsmodels1@gmail.com

Thanks Kev


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