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Ju-88 A-4 Revell 1/32... other way of modeling (title changed due perverts presence at the forum :) )

Daniel Iscold

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Dear fellows here begins a loooong journey to build this model. Today the amount of after makets products to build models is impressive. If you´ll buy all the possible and usable aftermarket itens for a model for sure you´ll spent much more money than the model it self.  For this I purchased master gun barrels for the machine guns, extra decal sheet from AIMS, resin wheels, masks, and seat belts form HGW and waiting for a QUINTA STUDIO  decals to arrive.

When I was going to look for more detail and accuracy, I found PROFIMODELLER itens, but my walet is empty, the  US Dolar and  Brazilian Real ratio is too high. Then I decided to start this project, by printing the screens from PROFIMODELLER web site, and producing my own parts using their buid manual. Sorry guys, yout price is fair, but my money is too short, hope you guys dont mind!

Here goes what I´m doing so far. Hope you like it! 







To scracht build the tail wheel bay, I´m using plasticard and soldered brass tubes. More to come 


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Perverts presence hahahahhaha
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A little progress on Ju-88´s tail wheel bay. So of kit parts have to soft detail, I thought it is more covenient to reproduce them using soldered brass tubes. This week I´m planing to fisnish this sector of the model. 







and... Who told you, that you need to replace kit´s original Landing gear legs for those expensive metal LGL????



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Looking forward to an interesting journey with this one: an excellent start, and as someone said above, you don't need aftermarket if you can scratch-build it (I must do more of that!)

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  • Daniel Iscold changed the title to Ju-88 A-4 Revell 1/32... other way of modeling (title changed due perverts presence at the forum :) )
21 hours ago, Pete Fleischmann said:

Wow. That exactly what my first thought was- 


We should not let our minds get in the way of the modeling , fantastic work so far. Watching with interest as I have one that needs some repair work that I hope to sort out when I finish my Skyraider

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