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Halberstadt Cl.II Wingnut Wings


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The model of an a/c from 3 Wlkp Sq, used in Polish-Soviet war. Shot down on May 14th, 1920, the crew W. Bartkowiak and J. Klicze KIA.


WNW kit was modified and amended:

- Taurus resin bits for Mercedes engine

- electric wires, throttle linkage, custom exhaust, front water pipe - scratch

- HGW textile seatbelts

- spokes from Gaspatch set combined with tyres from the kit elements

- propeller carved from Kotebi veneers

- Gaspatch type C turnbuckles 48th and 32nd scale

- Aviattic losenge decals

- individual markings - decals and masks custom made by Mr. Decal.










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Stunning build!  The wood looks like the real thing, both on the aircraft fuselage and upper wing.  Your carved wooden prop is a work of art!  Top shelf work all around my friend!



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