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Monogram 1/48 SBD Dauntless Aviation Maintenance Crew Accessories

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Gents:  I am building an old Monogram 1/48 SBD from 1974 and wanted to know what to paint the ordnance cart and windscreen.  I watched a few videos on Youtube like the Fighting Lady and I don't have a clear color for both items.  It looks like the canvas of windscreen could be washed khaki and the frame is black.  The ordnance cart could be a light gray with black wheels.  What would you suggest? Thanks.

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I think you should consider using a dark color for the LSO windbreak.  In 1/48, probably something close to flat black.  LSOs are/were officers.  For the time period you are talking about, officers wore khakis aboard ship.  Even their coveralls/flight suits were khaki, so it would be tough to pick out the LSO from the background if everything were khaki colored.  As time went on, they started adding color panels here and there, but the backstop was always a dark color for contrast so that the landing pilots could see them.  No doubt someone will post a photo of a light colored backstop, but darker is better.  Bomb carts?  No idea.  I know yellow gear was once USN gray, but I don’t have a clue when the change occurred.  They got pretty banged up and very little love, so heavy weathering will be your friend in this case.

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I think that the screen should be blue-gray:








As for the bomb-cart, it would appear that Monogram was partial to yellow, at least for it's Helldiver:







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