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Su-27 Flanker UAF Trumpeter 1:32


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This time the model Su-27 Flanker UAF Trumpeter 1:32

The model in Didgital camouflage of the Ukrainian Air Force about the model itself I think it makes no sense to write too much is not the best model but there is also no alternative in 1:32 scale


I will try to add more photos in the near future, unfortunately I have technical problems with the memory card.



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7 minutes ago, RicardoD said:

Absolute perfection!! Did you use a masking set from the market or just cut it yourself? If it is the second one, then this is not only a master's work but also you are a very patient and skilled modeller!!



I made the masks myself, I like such work.

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You did the Ukranian effort justice (sorry moderators this is not politically intended.........................) beautifull paintjob, especially without commercial masks.


bardzo bardzo dobrze............



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