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Mitsubishi J2M2 Raiden (雷電) prototype (Hasegawa 1/32)


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Hi everyone.

I built Mitsubishi J2M2 Raiden prototype (Hasegawa 1/32)


The color scheme is a bit unusual, but Japanese prototypes and training aircraft were painted this color. Although I do not often build WW2 aircraft, I built this kit because I am living near the former airfield where this plane was tested for development. 


Raiden (雷電) means thunderbolt, coincidentally, American and Japanese thunderbolts both look fat, and I like these looking. I look forward to building American thunderbolt as well in the future.


I built this out of the box, just putting a lot of riveting on the fuselage. The fitting of parts is generally very good, and it’s easy to build. 


I hope you guys enjoy it.











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Very nice subject and well executed.  I also noticed you riveted the airframe which also adds to the level of interest.  I have no patience for doing such tedious work so my hat's off to you for doing this task.  I also like the way you painted the eyes on the figure, very appropriate and accurate if I do say so.

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