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Junkers J.I (Wingnut Wings 1/32)

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Hi everyone


I completed this model about a month ago.


Junkers J.I
Wingnut Wings 1/32


This is one of the first groups of kits released by WNW, and it is already a great kit. Basically, I built this out of the box but just added a few details on the frame of the engine cowling and spark cables.


As this was the first mass-produced metal aircraft,  silver color was sprayed for the wings as a base color of chipping, and oxide red was used for the armored engine cowling as well. In addition, although it is not very visible, I attached aluminum film to the upper left wing and opened holes to reproduce bullet holes.

This is a very big kit, so it was a bit difficult to take pictures, but I hope everyone enjoys it.












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Thank you for all the kind comments!


I added some additional photos of the build process. One idea I tried for painting the propeller is using a jig of stacked 0.5mm aluminum plates with a gap between them.  It worked well to draw color boundaries. 



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