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Fly Models Hurricane IId

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Gday All. My latest LSP off the bench

Fly's Hurricane, in this case their IId finished as a Desert Air Force machine from 6 SQN

Not the easiest build or best kit, but sadly - given the dearth of 32 scale kits- probably the best available at the moment.

In fact after finishing this kit, I sold all the other Fly Hurricanes I had the stash

Im really hoping Revell releases their promised IIb

Anyway, its finished with SMS paints, all markings are painted on, using masks scanned from the decal sheet.

I replaced the kit canopy with a vac form so that it sat properly when slid back.  The kit gun barrels were also replaced with brass tube.

One good thing is the kit contains parts to enable a MkIV to be built, as well as drop tanks which will come in handy when someone eventually releases a decent IIC

Thanks for looking






52199673988_5f9fd6fe19_b.jpg 52199674033_a6f0e20e2e_b.jpg


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Wow! Congratulations.


I like the restrained worn finish; the exhaust streaks and dusty weels are fantastic. The colours bleached by the sun are great as well.


By the way: the Hurricane is one of my favourites planes as well. And looks good in all painting schemes: desert one, temperate land, temperate sea, SEAC and day fighter.

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Beautiful job, nice paint and I like the restrained weathering, I have several FLY Hurricanes in the stash as I am a big fan of the aircraft, but having recently built a PCM fabric winged Hurricane I will leave the FLY kits for a later day. Roll on a new modern Hurricane kit.





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