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So, now I am Grand dad.


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9 hours ago, Gerhard said:

Whooop, I am officially a Grand Dad now. Hope to get to Canada as soon as we can. Visa's are taking forever, and the price of airfare is crazy. 


Young Ayden is born, 4.12 kgs and healthy. 

The hard part of having a family is raising your own kids. The fun part is spoiling the hell out of your grandchildren :thumbsup:

(6 with #7 in the oven)

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Congratulations!!! Yesterday I said to my son a new Legoland should be built in 2024-2025 70kms far from the house. He used to love Legos but as he's now a close to 6 feet teenager, he's rather in videogames. He simply told me: 'Ok, dad, I'm now too old for that but we will go there together when I will have children'. I suddenly realized my 'young boy' would be legally adult in a little bit more than two years! Ouch! Things are always moving quicker than we realize! Have a lot of fun With your grandson!

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