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Half size Corsair build video.

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On 9/3/2022 at 2:55 AM, daveculp said:

Seems like an odd place to install the battery.  Maybe he needed to move the CG forward?

Yep.  In one of the vids the guy was talking about his CG envelope and, with him in the airplane, it was pretty narrow and hovered around the aft limit.  Not at all sure how he computed that because I had a hard time following his explanation, but there’s no doubt that’s why the battery ended up so far forward.  I agree that it seems a bit unorthodox.  These little 50% stand-off scale WAR homebuilts were popular back in the early seventies.  WAR offered plans for a Corsair, a P-47 and an FW-190.  The structure is mostly wood with foam and fiberglass used to fill it out to a specific shape.   They are small, short coupled taildraggers designed for 100hp engines.  A number were built but they never really caught on.  It will be interesting to see how/if this one flies.

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3 hours ago, Christa said:

Was the motor OTB or after market?



The airplane was designed around the Continental O-200 engine.  Whatever is in this one, it ain’t no O-200.  It looks a bit like an auto engine conversion, what with the big gear reduction and all, but it might be a one of the new generation aircraft motors like a Rotax or something similar.  I simply don’t recognize it.  Seems to run well at any rate.

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