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2023 LSP Group Build suggestions thread


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7 hours ago, Rick Griewski said:

Tag Team Build


Gazzas and I for example are fond of and are are building the Avro Anson vac kit.  This is a

slow process.  The kit is a beast.  We would build our two kits at the same time essentially trading sub-assemblies, accessories, drawings of parts such as the landing gear to build from.  For example I will bebuilding engine master parts and casting copies. I would cast parts from masters he would make. I bet our approaches to the build are different so that would make it interesting.  


This may not work for others at model building is usually a one brain hobby.  We will need to see if LSP mods will let us share post to the same thread.  Or figure out another way.


My Anson is not a contest build so parts and pieces built or designed by Gazzas  will only speed up the build. 

Wow. @Rick Griewski and @Gazzas If I had a hat I would be removing it out of respect to you both.


@Christa though we would not be anything like as deep into scratch-building as these guys how about using this (or similar) approach to your suggestion of having a rolling DeHavilland Moth build (Tiger Moths, Fox Moths, Cirrus Moths...) or just a wider rolling DeHavilland build thread (so I can sneak in a Dragon Rapide...). So far on my own Tiger Moth build it has been incredibly helpful to have input from @mozart @Alain Gadboisand @LSP_Kevin...who may also be interested in such a group?


Thoughts welcome.


But @Rick Griewski & @Gazzas I can only say how impressed I am at both your endeavour and your collaborative approach. That it is an Anson you are each going after only doubles my admiration. 


Kind regards,



Kind regards,


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16 minutes ago, Archimedes said:

What about movie aircraft? There is certainly a few to pick from there. 


Sorry if this has been done before and I'm not aware; I have only been a member since November 2019 so it may already have been done/ 


Kind regards,



I'd build "Devil 505"

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18 hours ago, Rick Griewski said:

I like the idea of DeHavilland build.  

Me too. 


If we're considering manufacturer-themed suggestions, how about Bloch to Dassault?  Should be no shortage of candidates and variety...

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Maybe its just Halloween talking, but what about a "Scary (working title) build" ?


Something that scares you as a modeller, vacform, resin, biplane, natural metal finish, conversion, scratchbuild etc.


Something that is WAAAAYYYY outside your comfort zone.

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On 8/28/2022 at 7:22 AM, dutik said:

I'd like to add drones and UAVs to the Helicopter and autogiro GB.


- Continental Asian Air forces - everything from Turkey to South Korea. Saudi Arabia and Yemen are geografically part of Africa, but politically part of Asia too, so they should be in. Would exclude Russia (politically European power) (and part of many other GBs) but add the post soviet 'stans and Sri Lanka as politically part of Indian subcontinent.


- Middle and Latin America - Mirages of 3 generations (III/5, F-1, 2000), Kfirs and Elkans, Broncos, Mustangs, Cavalier Mustangs, Corsairs, Curtisses, Texans, Sabres, Meteors, F-5, T-33, F-80, Thunderbolds, Vampire, Fouga Magister, Bristol Fighter, DH-4 (Liberty engine), PT-22, Bristol M.1C, Nieuport-27, Trojans, Catalinas, Walrus, Lancaster, B-17, Skyhawks, SBD/Banshee, Avenger, B-25, C-47/AC-47, Mig-29, Su-27, Su-22, Su-25, F-16, Black Hawks, Hinds, MD-500, Eurocopter, Mi-8. With Cuba on board also Mig-23 and L-39. Just what I remember being kitted in 1:32 by different manufacturers. Maybe there are some more kits for other aircrafts in Latin American service.


Would nice someone would make an A-37B Dragonfly in styrene. An A-37B would be a megaseller, used by countries around the world in many markings and camouflages. HK Model, Special Hobby, Trumpeter, Hobby Boss, are you listening?


- Recce (did we have a recce GB before?)


- French made - everything french made in French Air Force and Aeronavale and elsewhere in the world. There is a surprising large number of french made aircrafts as kits available, from WW1 up to recent times.



- dutik

Every day, in my family prayers we ask for health, love, happiness, etc. 
In my daily personal prayers, I pray for 1/32 A-37s and other less important things! :-)

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