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Silver Wings Gauntlet II


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On 11/16/2022 at 9:22 AM, mozart said:

Could have been deja vu Mike! Fortunately mine wasn’t quite as bad as that one! 

Yes in all seriousness, when this happens you have a horrible feeling in the pit of ones stomach, I think its called sick as a chip ! Been there know what its like. Really glad you managed to recover it Mozart :D.



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Had a really busy, and tiring, week so not a lot of time nor motivation for modelling, but I'm starting on the detail work to get the Gauntlet finished.  My focus yesterday was on the pitot head.  Silver Wings provide a PE one in two parts which isn't very convincing nor easy to install, so I decided to make my own, carving it from an old resin casting block (does anybody else save these or just me?? :wacko:).  Anyway, investigation time of course first.  This picture shows the pitot head quite well, but also something else:




The bead sight is sited in a cut-away on the upper cowling, something else to whittle away!



This is a detail from the crashed Gauntlet, image "inverted the right way up" and showing a slightly different design to the top one.  I presume the associated pipework (which on the Tiger Moth runs down the front of the strut) runs inside the hollow struts so that makes life easy(er).  I've carved the head like the lower one so that it fits snugly against the strut but I've yet to add the two "prongs".....photo when it's finished which probably won't be for a few days...more busy-ness..

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Hi Max


Your work on the rigging I can only aspire to.  You have done an amazing job on it. As for the pitot; that looks tricky work. Are you sure that carving a resin casting block is the right way to go? My method for my Tiger Moth will be to use some brass pipe and to solder it (Sandbagger method using soldering paste).


But it is great to see your attention to detail and your extremely neat technique on this. It is the details that really make any build so the best of luck with those! I know you will ace it!


Kind regards,


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I've just spent a lovely time going through this whole thread! Don't know how I missed it. I've dumped a lot of "likes" into your profile!


What a spectacular build. I've loved how all the research was translated into results on the model itself, and how the problems and discoveries were approached and solved.


This is a superb model of an aircraft from an era of beautiful aircraft. 



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And awwaaaayyyyyy! She’s finished I think, not perfect by any means but good enough. One new addition noticeable in this pic is a navigation light on the top wing, I suddenly became aware of Gauntlets having one here when looking at photos, as you do! And of course the bead sight. 




Better pics downstream in a few days in RFI. 

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