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I'm building the Trumpeter F8F-1 Bearcat and the instructions are not clear at all on which crankcase and rocker cover parts to use for this variant. I've found hundreds of pics on the interwebs of 2800s but none of this series. Anyone have any insights on which parts to use? Or a picture? Thanks!

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I'm confused on which reduction gear housing to use as there are 4 in the kit, 2 bullet shaped (1 of them less so) , and 2 with a canister shape. There are 2 sets of rocker covers, 1 set is bulged like the ones used on the 10w for example, the others are flat. there are also 3 sets of magnetos, one looks like a canister, one looks like a cannister with a lid and small triangle on top, and 1 set that is oval. The instructions just have arrows and just say "option" . I know the parts sprues are generic to most if not all of Trumpeters radial engine kits so several versions of this engine can be made, I'm just not sure about the mid-production 2800s. Thanks for your help Jug!

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The R-2800-22W is a C series R-2800 engine with the bolted prop-reduction gear case but a photo is worth a 1000 words. 




REFERENCE:  White, G. (2001), R-2800, Pratt & Whitney's Dependable Masterpiece. SAE Publishing, PA. pp. 261, 264.

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