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New movie featuring F4U's and other COOL STUFF!

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I read the book, which was great.  I'm guessing Hollywood will find a way to mess it up.  There's an F4U-4 in my stash that I bought just for this purpose.  I was thinking a diorama of the artwork on the book's cover.





EDIT:  Actually the trailer looks pretty good.  There might be hope for Hollywood after all.

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One more thing
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It should be interesting. Great story. Hopefully, it will be like Topgun, and have nothing woke in it.  Also, it's like CGI people have never seen a real airplane fly. That said, it could be cool.


Did you guys notice in the latest "Midway" movie, they eliminated the F4F? If you can stomach a second watching, there are no US fighters. 

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Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form associated with this company. 

That being said, I have ordered from here several times. 

He has decal sets for these aircraft. In the event one chooses to build both, you will need two sets of decals. 

The set is about halfway down the page. 



(Hope this okay to put here.)





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Looks alright. Kinda fed up with too much woke trash but it does not seem too full of that. . Would have preferred something with WW2 ´bolts but I´ll watch this! :D

And i need to watch Top Gun: Mavericks oon..! Can you bring a chick to that one?

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