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1:32nd scale Lloyd C.V

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Hi all,
The landing gear has been prepared now.
I've added the following:


1.4 mm diameter Brass tube into the drilled through wheels to provide a more positive fit onto the integral 1.2 mm diameter axle rods.
'EZ' heavy white stretch line to represent the 'Bungee' type suspension cords.
0.4 mm diameter Nickel-Silver tube, bent and fitted to represent the axle restraining cables. 
Flattened 0.6 mm diameter Brass tube with integral 0.4 mm diameter Brass rod to represent the crew footstep.




I've also made two crew steps from flattened 0.5 mm diameter Brass tube.
These were fitted to the fuselage left side at the observer's cockpit and to the fuselage right side below the engine.




Now it's onto preparing the tail skid,



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Hi all,
The resin used for the 3D printed parts tends to be very brittle.
The tail skid bracing bars need to take the weight of the model.
Also, the tail skid has no integral strengthening rods or any location into the fuselage.
As I wasn't sure if the bracing bars were strong enough, I replaced the rear bracing bar with 0.8 mm diameter Brass rod.
This was bent at one end to fit into a drilled hole in the underside of the fuselage.


Now onto how to fit the upper wing ailerons onto the wing,





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Hi all,
The ailerons on the upper wing can't be attached with rods as the trailing edge of the upper wing is too thin to drill.
The kit supplies photo-etch 'hinges', which are flimsy and may not adhere well to an oil painted wood effect surface.
Therefore, I decided to modify the hinges by cutting away the hinge arms and drilling 0.5 mm diameter holes through the body of the hinges.
Brass tube of 0.4 mm diameter were inserted through the hinge bodies and holes drilled through the ailerons.
The tubes were bent forwards above and below the upper wing trailing edge.
Holes were drilled through the wing and the top tubes bent to fit into the holes.
The underside tubes were cut to end at the wing holes on the underside.
Doing this allows the ailerons to be angled on the upper wing and should provide a sturdier attachment.
The aileron control horns will be fitted into 0.4 mm wide slots, drilled though the ailerons inside the photo-etch mounting plates.


Now onto preparing for pre-rigging the model,





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Hi all,
It's been a while since I updated this build.
The fuselage, wings, gun cannister and landing gear axle fairing were airbrushed with 'Tamiya' Dark Yellow (XF60).
The flight control surfaces were primed white.
These were pre-shaded with 'Tamiya' Smoke (X19).
The flight control surfaces are covered with ‘Aviattic’ Clear Doped Linen (ATT32097) decal.
The wood effects were brush painted using a mix of Windsor & Newton’ Griffin (Alkyd) Vandyke Brown and Burnt Sienna.
Grey areas are ‘Tamiya’ Neutral Grey (XF53) or Dark Sea Grey (XF54).
Metallic surfaces are ‘Alclad’ Steel (ALC112) or 'Mr. Colour' Stainless Steel (213).
Decal areas were airbrushed with 'Alclad' Aqua Gloss 600.
All parts were then airbrushed with 'Alclad' Light Sheen (ALC311) in preparation for applying weathering effects,







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Hi all,
Just a few updates.
Propeller base coated with 'Tamiya' Dark Yellow (XF60) then brushed with Windsor & Newton (Alkyd) Burnt Sienna oil paint.
'Lohner' propeller logos applied from the 'LF Models' Austro-Hungarian set then sealed with 'Alclad' Light Sheen (ALC311).
Radiator assembly treated with 'Flory Models' Dark Dirt clay wash with the 'Number '7' decals (modified) from the 'Xtradecal' RAF set.
'Flory Models' Dark Dirt wash also applied to the wings, fuselage flight control surfaces and landing gear.


Now it's onto pre-rigging the model before assembly,









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Hi all,
The observer/gunners machine gun.
I chose to replace the kit supplied 3D printed machine gun parts.
I used the more refined resin ‘Schwarzlose’ 07-12 unjacketed weapon (17-32112) from ‘Gaspatch’.
The ammunition drum was a spare from a previous 'Wingnut Wings' build.
The kit supplied gun mount needed to be modified with a 0.4 mm diameter rod to fit the weapon to the mount firmly.
'Alclad' Gun Metal (ALC120) was airbrushed over the machine gun.
'Alclad' Steel (ALC112) was airbrushed over the ring mounting rails and lightly over the machine gun.
'Tamiya' Hull Red (XF9) was brush painted over the trigger handles.
'Tamiya' Weathering Master (Set B - Soot) was sponged around the muzzle of the barrel.
Ammunition belt was brush painted with 'Tamiya' Desert Yellow (XF59), 'Mr. Colour Brass (219) and Copper (215).





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Hi all,
The underside of the upper wing, landing gear, aileron control horns and aileron control cables have been pre-rigged.
Monofilament of 0.12 mm diameter with 'Gaspatch' 1:48th scale Anchor Points and Type C turnbuckles.
The rudder and elevator have been fitted to the fin and tailplanes with added photo-etch hinges.
The modified ailerons have been fitted to the upper wing.

















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