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Accurate Miniatures SB2U-3 Vindicator (1/48)


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This is the original release of this kit.


I have a 3D model of the Vindicator that I started several years ago and I was going to get back to it. I've used this kit along with numerous books and drawings (Ginter, Squadron 1122, Aircraft Pictorial #2, online photos, photos from NNAM that I took, and stuff from Avialogs.) I thought building this kit might get me started again.




As if I don't have enough going already. :mental:




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Update. Wings and tail surfaces.




A warning for those who have one, when you get to building it. The engine cowling pieces came off the tree a little wonky. I had to "shorten" one of the cowling pieces to get them to match the front of the cowling ring. Also, the one opening for the engine exhaust isn't shaped correctly. This is not the side that I made the adjustment. Otherwise, the shape of the opening would have been worse.



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Well, the engine and cowling are in place. I found that I needed to sand down the cylinder valve covers to get the cowling on. I also managed to pop one of the cowling seams (the one in the photo) while doing the fitting and I knocked off the RDF Loop too. Fortunately, the loop is large enough to be seen. :D





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