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AH-1G Cobra 1969

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Hello all,


This is my ICM 1H-1G (early) Cobra with Quinta Cockpit. I used a mix of Model Master and AK paints. I also used the Microdesign exterior photoetch set. This aircraft represents the Executioner of the 235th flown by Capt Lou Bouault out of Daub Ting Vietnam 1969. This was my first ICM kit and I have to say it was pretty good! I used the kits decals which went on fantastic. All photos were taken with my Iphone. As you can see by the indoor pics I am no photographer! The base was built and Designed by Master base maker Tony Quartaro.  Thanks for looking.


Inter 1 inter 2 inter 3 inter 4 inter 5 inter 6 inter 7 inter 8 inter 9 inter 10 inter 11 inter 12 inter 13 Inter 14 inter 15



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Super impressive!  The outside pictures you can't tell its a model.  

I love the slight weathering and spots on those pull up ceramic armor panels inside the cockpit.  The maps & magazines are also a brilliant added touch.  

Signed former Cobra driver... 

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