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1/16 FV107 Scimitar


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11 minutes ago, Panzerwomble said:

Watch out for the swing arms they aren't all the same ( ask me how I know .....! ) 










Yes you are correct, I have not made the (2) outer ones yet! :)

The CAD drawing is for the center run of road wheels that are of a simpler design.

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So its not all press buttons and things print flawlessly, there is a little old-fashioned modeling involved. :)


The hull had one corner warp on me, so I need to fix it in place, I wasn't going to print it out again for 11 hours!


Pics tell the whole fix. (that rhymes)













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On 8/5/2022 at 8:49 PM, GMK said:

Looking good, Ryan. You may want to experiment with printing parts upside down. It’ll use more filament to print supports, but may result in superior prints, depending on the printer. 

Thanks for the advice, I need it.

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Being a scale modeler, I was worried about layer lines, and yes they are pretty plain to see after a blast of primer.




The good news is that if you use a high build primer they can be eliminated quite easily, as you see here only a faint trace can be seen. This was only after one round of sanding too.





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