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What is a good choice for NMF paint vs 'Aluminum Lacquer' paint for Mustangs (esp in the MRP or Vallejo Metal lines?)

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My addled brain seems to have lost a chunk of my previous Mustang knowledge but I'm not sure I ever had a good handle on this particular question.  Looking to start up some Mustang builds and back to the age old NMF vs Aluminum Lacquer question.  I'm NOT asking for the demarcation lines of what was where.  I do have those discussions and reference pics saved up.  Now I'm back to what colors are best to reflect NMF and AL.


Cheers all!


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I use Alclad II aluminum shades (there are several but I don't use anything labeled as "polished" as it's too shiny) and their associated white or grey primer. Note these are not acrylic, they're lacquer based.

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Alcald II makes a beautiful finish and can be sprayed directly from the bottle no thinner. Their basic Aluminum “aircraft aluminum “ is the one I use the most. I would recommend using their glossy black base first. And give the base a good period of time to cure. 


Also consider Mr Paint aluminum or super silver. 

Only have issues with resin kits. While masking I get consistent pull off even with the gloss black base. Still looking for a better primer. 



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Hey Chris, I used MRP silvers for my only Mustang (Revell with a Tamiya tail),

Silver (MRP-128 (mostly), White Aluminum (MRP-9), Duraluminum (MRP-8) and

for the painted wing tops Alclad II Dull Aluminum (rubbed down with a T-shirt).

Base coated with MRP White Primerwith some light blue and  grey mottling to

break up uniformity. Turned out OK.






Have fun.








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I tried to create multiple shades of BMF Aluminum using several Alclad shades of lacquer on my CF-104 build almost 2 years ago.  Rather than re-describe everything here, the link to the painting portion starts about here:


Alclad BMF Painting sequence


While not perfect, you can certainly get a very interesting contrast of Polished Aluminum, Dull Aluminum, Titanium- and many other shades in between.










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