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“Chopped” - plastic model style

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Over in the Group Builds section on FSM we had a creative build along the lines of the cooking show "Chopped". Our 3 ingrediants were 'RED' 'SAND' & 'FROGS'! My wife said you should do something with the red sea. In looking thru my stash i had an SR-71 Spyplane and thought, oh what could be better than the world record holding spyplane parting the sea! Here's what i came up with and the latest GB entry is here: https://cs.finescale.com/fsm/modeling_subjects/f/29/t/189577.aspx?page=7#2197512


Hey Guys this ones DONE - Snoopy vs The Red Sea! Posting up my favorites of the finished pics now. This was a crazy one for sure. I've decided to take it out to the IPMS NATS this month. At the very least i think alot of people will enjoy seeing it!.










Mor pics and a video of the flickering jet exhaust here on my Scalemates page if you'd like to see the whole build:



Till next time Gents!

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This was so much fun to do for sure! Learned a few things about 2part epoxy resin to. Scary adding the colors to the resin knowing that when you screw it up the mud color you might just make will be locked in vivid relief for all to see later lol  honestly tho with just a sungle practice piece you get the hang of it. Although when i did it full scale the waves came out thicker then what i wanted…made them hard to form into the curl that’s for sure :blink:

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