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1/32 Candy Cane F-15B - 58TTW

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After a rather lengthy build, this one is finally over the line. I really wanted to do a large scale air superiority blue F-15 and the candy cane scheme of this B model really appealed.

As ever, there was no real OOTB version so extras included an Aires early C cockpit, some additional resin parts from Bruce for the rear cockpit, new exhausts from GT Resin, Fuel tanks borrowed from the Revell F-4, modified Aires Aim-7 to get an F variant, CE Aim-9Js a fair bit of scratch built vents etc and of course some added lighting. 

The Revell kit is OK shape-wise but needs some real love and attention to bring it somewhere near modern standards i.e. no riveting, rather wide panel lines, soft detail etc.

Suffice to say I learnt a lot, mostly that I need to be more focused on build Quality from the start rather than fixing up my errors later on!

I tried Black basing on this one, but with lots of over-painting which prove more effective, so not sure I'll do it the same way again.

The weapons and tanks are attached with magnets so they can be moved around or replaced.

I also trialed some acrylic carving for the afterburner effect which turned out quite neat.


Anyway, enough words... picture time!















And yes the lights still worked (mostly!)....





Thanks for looking!

And for anyone interested the build thread is below:



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That's a fantastic Eagle! I really like the F-15 in the early paint and the white 

tail codes. Gorgeous airplane in flight too. Lighting is very cool. Great job! 

The 58th TFTW that was there at Luke has moved to Kirtland and is now 

the 58th Special Operations Wing. 



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