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Another slooooow build....1/72 Cessna XMC

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I was very excited to find this in kit form, simply because it's different.  Maybe also because I'm the first and only numbnuts in the world to actually buy one (got it from Shapeways...it cost a small fortune!).
The kit is 3D printed.  Shapeways weren't even sure they could print it when I placed the order..
The windows are supplied as a plug which needs to be vac formed.  So I lashed out and got myself a dental vac form machine.  Now I need to find some 0.1mm clear thermoform plastic, but that's another story..
Today I primed it twice with Mr Surfacer 1000 out of a rattle can.  There are some striations from the printing process still visible, but I'll be sanding it back before I add another coat.





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I've been doing a little playing around with the kit, dry fitting odd bits and pieces, and checking parts fit.  Have to say, the fit is excellent!

First thing I did was check the door/fuselage fit.  There's a small web in the upper corner of the door frame...I guess this was put there to assist in printing or something. Anyhow, it has to be removed.






So I placed some Tamiya tape across the opening, held the door in place, and marked out the material to be removed.






And she's not a tail-sitter, so no need for nose weight!  Woohoo!


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Posted (edited)


You are NOT a numbnut but brave and good for you to get this kit and build it.

I am going  to enjoy seeing it come alive on here.


Nice start. looks like fun.

Keep us updated.

:goodjob:   :clap2:

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I've got 5 of the land-based C180's by Monogram....they keep finding their way into my stash somehow!


Not much to report on the XMC....started designing the decals for it - I have to go from scratch as there's nothing provided with the kit.

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