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Airco DH.2 with Lanoe Hawker (Wingnut Wings 1/32)

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Hi Everyone 

I completed building WNW Airco DH.2 Lanoe Hawker. This is the counterpart to my previous work, Albatros D.II Manfred von Richthofen.

Hope you all enjoy it!


Lanoe Hawker is the first British fighter ace in WW1 and the commander of the first fighter squadron as well. He was awarded the Victoria Cross
On 16 November 1916, He engaged in an intense dog fight with Albatros D.II piloted by Manfred von Richthofen and crashed to the ground.


BTW the model base is not made by myself but I bought AMMO’s scenic mat ;)


FYI: This great youtube video reproduced Richthofen' fighting carrier including duel with Lanoe Hawker by using a flight simulator "Rise of Flight".










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  • sillymodeler changed the title to Airco DH.2 with Lanoe Hawker (Wingnut Wings 1/32)

I'm not a Bi-Plane guy but I am one who can appreciate fantastic modeling, and this is right up there with the best.  Awesome work!  I could look at this for an hour and find all sorts of interesting details that look so well done, and all perfectly weathered.




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I love everything about this! The build, finish, figure, and photography, all first class. Well done on the translucent effect of the wings as well.


Cheers,  Tom

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