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Silver Spitfire 'The Longest Flight'


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2 hours ago, geedubelyer said:

Totally tremendous Kent. 


You should be very proud of the finish you've achieved. :clap2:

Thank you, I am very pleased with effect. I think it's the best approach using foil.

I wanted to give the surface some texture and the foil certainly helps, if you don't want to go full 'oil canning'.




Cheers: Kent


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And I know, since the journey around the world, there has been some changes to the 'Silver Spitfire'. The Auxiliary Fuel Tank has been removed, the Antenna/Gps has been replaced with the original Antenna. I don't know why but the rudder has also been replaced?


Cheers: Kent

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Kent, that's fantastic, the foil looks amazing!


A couple of questions, what type of adhesive foil did you use and did you paint the anti glare over the foil?



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