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1/32 Roden Albatros D.III

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I present my Albatros D.III here.  I wanted to build a subject that has a lot of woodgrain, as I wanted to try wood grain decals.  The Albie was a natural choice, but I couldn't decide which one to depict, so I decided to make a factory fresh bird, hence, minimal weathering and bright colors.

I scratchbuilt the wheels and the prop and added numerous other details.  The base depicts a factory floor.


I hope you enjoy the pictures, and comments and criticisms are welcome.














Having trouble posting pictures, so I'll try to add more later.

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Very good detail, awesome woodgrain and those wheels are fantastic. But what happened to the wings? The top wing should be straight, and the lowers should have some dihedral. Regards, Pete in RI

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It's an easy fix. Get a couple of Officer type figures and a couple of mechinics, the Officers would be holding a sheet of plans and pointing to somewhere on the 'plane, and the mechanics would have say, a measuring stick and a few tools posed as if adusting the rigging. :thumbsup:

Regards, Pete. 

ps, looking at the pics again, you really have done a nice job. The more one looks, the more fine details one notices. 

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