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Jetmads Viggen.... Another one!

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I'm more than conscious that I have been somewhat absent from the forums recently but rest assured i have been building albeit at a very slow pace.

Anyhow, my latest one off the production line, as it were is the Jetmads Viggen, built pretty much out of the box. 

I didn't post a work in progress thread as Aigore had that more than covered with his superlative build so I quietly carried on in the background. 

Not absolutely perfect but I think she will stand up to the 3 ft rule if you squint. :hmmm:


She will be making an appearance at Telford all being well.












The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed the absence of the antenna immediately behind the cockpit which is now ready to go on together with the boarding ladder and exquisite tow bar. 

So there you go. A great kit all told but not without its issues. some of the 3d printed parts are extremely fragile but respond well to careful handling when removing them from the printing blocks.

The main gear door supports are to long and as a result they foul the Skyflash missiles when they are in position. 

I deliberately left the sidewinders off as I personally don't like the bright green colour the Swedish airforce painted them so I went with just the Skyflash. I may add them in future although i'm not sure at the moment. 

The canopy is removable as Iv'e added a small magnet to keep it in place. I tried to do the same with the main tank but its just a little too heavy / magnets were too small.  

Feedback is more than welcome. 

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That looks really cool! Great to see another one built.


If you don´t like the green missiles, they only painted the training rounds that color. You can easily add some live-missiles in more traditional colors ;)



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Due to jealousy, I’m getting tired of you Jetmads Viggen people haha. I’d sure like to get my hands on a kit, but sadly nothing has turned up on EBay. 

You’ve done a really nice job with this, very clean and well executed. Thanks for sharing! 

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