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Are the high end sprue cutters worth it.

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So, I have a some ok Sprue cutters, and its seems like the really high end ones might let you cut parts of the sprues, so close you would need almost no cleanup. The ones I have are close, but to big to get to some smaller stuff on the trees. I never mind spending money on good tools, they last forever, and if a good one makes things easier, I'm there. 


I have a Flex-I-File ultra fine sprue cutter, it almost looks like tweezers and its pretty good. 

I also have Dowell Micro Cutter Flush wire cutters that work pretty well. Nice for stuff that's easy to get to like road wheels, but broke the periscope guard.


There are some very pricey sprue cutters out there. 


These seem to be the most pricey. 




These are less pricey and look like they have the same features. 



Another pair in the same cheaper but still pricey price range. 




I'm getting the gimlet eye from the wife on these purchases, but I'm enjoying building again a lot, so it will be money well spent if its worth it. I searched a bit and found no discussion on this, and there is so much talent here, I'm really curious what everyone's take is. 


Thanks for any feedback fellas! 







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I use the Volks Pro-Zetsu: https://volksusastore.com/webstores/hobby/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=4288

You can see it in action here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1985961688332113

The blades are as thin as knives, they produce a good and clean cuts. 



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Cool, OK, I bought the Photo etch Bender, so probably the Mengs will be next. 


Do you guys use these for everything, or just for the delicate jobs?


It's funny, as I kid, I cut everything with X-acto blades, I saw a set of cutters when I got back into the first time in a local shop and tried them out, and it was like a whole new world opened up, it was so much nicer!  I wish I hadn't lost them, they were one of the few modeling tools that didn't eventually turn up after going through all the moving boxes. They are probably not as good as I remember them.  

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1 hour ago, JeepsGunsTanks said:

Do you guys use these for everything, or just for the delicate jobs?


Use the old fashion ones to rough cut the part off the sprue and use the high end one to trim off the sprue nub. They are delicate and they've been known to break from heavy use.

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Here’s the main difference between the two types of cutters:

The ‘regular’ sprue cutter (Xuron et al.) has two blades and cuts with a pinching motion (like a nail nipper) and therefore leaves a mark on both sides of the sprue. The more expensive side-cutter like DSPIAE /Meng has a single blade on one jaw with the other jaw acting like a cutting board. The cut on the sprue is flat and even.


Choosing one or the other depends mostly on the result you’re expecting.



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I'm using a Xuron cutter for the thick sprues, a DSPIAE one for the small ones, an ultrasonic cutter for the 3d printed parts and a razor saw for the clear parts sprues. So yes this may become quite an investment but when you consider this is the first task of any model assembly this makes sense for a simple reason: what is not damaged does not ask for repair! ;)

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