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How good are 3D cockpit details from Quinta Studio?

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Can't comment on Red Fox, but I got the Kitsworld cockpit decals for a Trmpeter Stuka, and none of the decals fitted (far too small) + they were of poor quality (i.e. bubbles and broken decals while still in the closed packet).  So got the Quinta studios offer instead, and everythng fitted perfectly - just need to make sure you use some extra glue to hold them down, as the decals are too heavy to be held up by the decal glue.

hope this helps...

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1 hour ago, ChuckD said:

How does the Eduard "Space" line stack up against the Quinta and RFS products?

In my experience, they are somewhat “flatter” than either of the other two, just a bit above PE.  Plus, there’s also Eduard’s dodgy color matching.

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Just ordered the full interior kit for my Trumpeter A6-A.  Can’t wait to see it in person.  Figured a cockpit this large will benefit more than a regular run of the mill single seater. 

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Thank you all for the very informative inputs.  Per your answers, I've ordered the full interior set for my F-15E Strike Eagle.  I haven't started it yet, but I'm buying a few add-ons as my wallet will allow. This will probably be a winter project.


Thanks again,



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