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My kids have no idea what these sounds are

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We still have our landline, too, one of the few in my area who still do. When my aging parents sold the family farm a couple years back and moved in with my sister, I took the old black rotary wall phone out of my dad's shop as keepsake, since I'd grown up using it. I cleaned it up (it was nasty!!), replaced the old broken cord, and installed it in my little garage shop. Works perfectly, and it's fun to hear it ring when someone calls. My 18 year techie son thinks it's cool, too. He actually has the modem dial up noise as a ring tone on his smart phone.



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22 hours ago, Smokey said:

Pete, that is funny but true of today's kids.  Bringing this topic up is like carbon dating us old people that know what those are along with a rotary phone.  :coolio:

I love it. Ha. “carbon dating”.  

It is really difficult to butt dial a rotary phone.  

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