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3 hours ago, Scotsman said:

The FOD option always seemed like a cop out but it does cut out a huge amount of work 


Wish I'd had had the guts to cut out the bomb bay to fit the insert , it would have save a LOT of sanding = As for the airbrake - Close it - otherwise you'll never finish the model!

Alas it is too late! I already made cuts in the rear fuselage !

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Thanx Colin

i should have paid more attention to your build.....

after fitting the wings i just puttied the small seam, only to find out that the transition from wing to fuselage is very smooth. you cant really see where the fuse ends and the wing begins. so i had to rework that area




after removing of the tape:



hope that cuts it  :hmmm:


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still more work on the gearbays. these are very hard to get reasonably correct, the castings are full of bubbles, so maybe i will remove some detail and scratch the parts

i also made a cut in front and rear of the revolving bombbay, it has a pretty prominent gap on the real thing



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