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some more work done to the pit with mr.dissolved putty and primer

i concentrated on the areas that are not hidden by the seats and the IPs themselves





the seats are actually not that bad, some more holes to close. i will use these, as my painting is not that great anyway, so they will do




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I did.t mine came into balance "Just"  with the Sea Eagles  but I'd add 4-6 ounces(or metric equivalent!) but what matters I guess is how you handle the rear Airbrakes , if you add the revised airbrake piece  directly and pose it closed  it will tail sit - since it's solid resin, however if you plan to build the operating mechanism and mount it open that you might get away without issues 

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Excellent.bit late to the party on this one but watching with massive interest. I’ve one sat in the stash along with uhemm[clearing throat ] two 1/32 aerodynamix versions and the bloody massive 1/24th scale job …I rather like the Buccaneers..

keep up the excellent work sir ….

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